Taking Care of Yourself During Divorce

Taking Care of Yourself During Divorce by Jeff ZimmermanOften in divorce we feel that we’re very depleted—as if our emotional bank accounts are overdrawn.

Self-care in general is a relatively new concept in divorce, and it’s usually one of the last things that people pay attention to. It’s understandable, when you consider all of the changes that occur during the process.

However, one of the few positive opportunities that come with a parenting plan schedule is that you can really plan out the time when the children aren’t with you. Instead of just taking care of chores, it’s the perfect time to sign up for yoga, renew your own personal reading, and do the other things that nurture who you are so that you can better fill your reserves and have more resilience. That way when the children are back with you, you are not as depleted and can give them the best parenting that you have to offer.  

You can also use your support system. When the children aren’t with you it is a time to go to support groups, see your own therapist, and make sure that your emotional bank account is as filled as possible when the kids come back to you. When the children are with you, it’s important to spend that time focused on them. You’ve missed them, they’ve missed you, and you want to be using that time to be as effective and present a parent as you possibly can be.

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Jeffrey Zimmerman, Ph.D., ABPP

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  1. This concept should become a primary interest in addressing divorce issues. Recognizing the need for self care for the parties will benefit the parties post divorce perspectives!

  2. Indeed. It can also help keep the adults from getting so depleted that it impacts the process of the divorce and the parenting of the children. When we take care of our own internal resources, we can deal with parenting and the stress of divorce with greater resilience and care.

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