Divorce is a journey into the unknown. You can’t see far ahead. It can be painful, scary and depressing. It can rob you of financial and emotional resources and leave you feeling insecure and alone, questioning your value as a person and as a parent.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

At MyDivorceRecovery.com we focus on helping you recover from the devastation of divorce and begin this next chapter of your life. Founded by two psychologists (Drs. Lauren Behrman and Jeff Zimmerman) who specialize in divorce, MyDivorce Recovery.com does not provide mental health advice or psychological treatment. We don’t label you as “Borderline”, “Narcissistic” or “Depressed”.

Instead, we offer workshops focused on healing and recovery. We focus on helping you put the divorce in context and recognize that even though your ego has taken a beating, your inherent worth is still intact.

Our workshops are participatory and offer many different experiences including small group work,  informational presentations, and guided meditation and journaling.

You can find out more about our upcoming workshops by filling out this form. We will be sure to get back to you.